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Our mission is to help job seekers find real, local jobs where they want to work, through our 51 hyperlocal state employment websites including the District of Columbia.

JobsInTheUS.com "JiUS" is our national brand that aggregates listings from our 51 sites and also accepts free job postings from qualified employers. Each employer that signs up and is verified can post up to 10 jobs per month for free. In addition, we now offer performance based recruiting via cost-per-click (CPC) option for those companies that would like to pay for audience in an on-demand fashion. CPC allows our customers to predetermine the maximum budget they want spend to attract job candidates. JobsInTheUS.com employers that already post on any of our state sites are automatically included on JobsInTheUS.com aggregated listings.

Call 877-374-1088 for more information about our CPC options.

About JobsInTheUS "JiUS"

JiUS has been operating state-specific job sites since 1999. Job seekers can search jobs by location, category, duration, and more. Users can also browse jobs by category and/or city. All employment opportunities are conveniently organized to facilitate a successful job search - including full-time, part-time and temporary positions, as well as seasonal and volunteer work. Job seekers can save their custom search preferences, and even choose to receive automated Job Alert emails on a daily or weekly basis.

Quality you can trust

Our websites are a resource for job seekers and employers, offering insightful advice and articles through our newsletters and social media channels. We are actively involved in the communities we serve, partnering with local chambers of commerce, trade associations and career centers. We are proud to say that we verify every employer that advertises on our site.

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Go directly to these states for quality, local jobs