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15 Simple Workplace Wellness Ideas For Small Businesses

By: JobsInTheUS.com

Workplace wellness is a staple for attracting and retaining top talent, and it's especially important for small businesses.

Here are 15 simple workplace wellness ideas small businesses can implement on a limited budget.

Idea #1 - Provide employees with healthy, local snacks from Vermont

Vermont is home to some of the healthiest snacks in the US. If you're already providing snacks to employees, consider making a switch to healthy snacks that are locally made in Vermont. By providing healthy snacks, you'll influence the mood and energy of your entire office.

Idea #2 - Create an annual healthy company cookbook

If providing healthy snacks isn't in the budget, then how about issuing a challenge to employees to contribute their favorite healthy recipe and compiling an annual company cookbook with their submissions?

Not only will this cookbook inspire your employees to eat healthier, but it also involves employees in a project that differentiates your company from any other small business.

Idea #3 - Gift Personal Development Books & Courses

Set aside a fixed amount of money or a subsidized percentage for every employee to invest in themselves, be it through a personal development book or through a personal development course. By investing in your people, you're investing in your business.

Idea #4 - Turn Meetings Into Walking Meetings

The majority of workplaces already sit down most of the day. Why sit in a meeting too? Instead, have your meeting on a walk around the block to get some fresh air and inspire thought outside of the office.

Idea #5 - Paid Volunteer Opportunities

When employees volunteer they feel good about themselves and their contributions. Offering your employees paid volunteer time off to offer their skills and expertise allows them to give back and network for your company in the process.

Idea #6 - Celebrate or Acknowledge Birthdays

Acknowledge staff members on their special day. It can be something as simple as sending them an email or text on their birthday, or decorating the office to help them celebrate and feel special.

Idea #7 - Incentivize Ridesharing

Especially if you have to pay for parking spots at your workplace, give employees an incentive to rideshare on the way to work. Not only does it increase camaraderie, it can decrease expenses.

Idea #8 - Incorporate Plants In The Office

Plant life can give people a lift. Incorporate plant life into your office with something as simple as a single plant, or something as large as a full blown company garden.

Idea #9 - Share Your Company Mission & Values

People want to be inspired by their work, and displaying your company mission - the reason "why" you exist - is a great way to remind employees of the organizational motivation. Display your values and mission in a conference room, break room, or in the entry way of the office.

Idea #10 - Celebrate New Hires

If you're a small enough organization, take your team out for lunch to celebrate the new addition of a team member. Not only will co-workers get to know the new hire better outside of the office, but it's a warm way to welcome a new employee.

Idea #11 - Cool T-Shirts

People love free t-shirts. Go into any sports arena and you'll see that the free t-shirt toss stirs up the fans. Find a comfortable t-shirt and include a simple design for a great employee hand out.

Idea #12 - Help Teach Employees About Finance

This is especially relevant for younger employees. Educating them about the importance of finances like a 401(k) can help put them on the right path to financial freedom.

Idea #13 - Bring In Guest Speakers

Most company founders have successful friends in their network who can bring in an inspiring and new perspective. Invite them in to talk with your employees.

Idea #14 - Ask Employees To Share Their Successes

People like to support success, so encourage employees to talk about their successes with team members. By doing so, other employees can get inspired and find their own path to success.

Idea #15 - Survey Employees On What They Want In Wellness

It's easy to read a post like this and get caught up in ideas on what you think employees might want in a workplace wellness program. But, at the end of the day, your employees have excellent ideas too. Survey them on what they think your organization wellness program should look like, and take into consideration all of their answers. They just might be better than the other 14 ideas on this list.