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6 Pre-Screening Questions To Ask Candidates

By: JobsInTheUS.com

Tired of receiving resumes from unqualified candidates? Try asking pre-screening questions as part of your online application.

JobsInNH.com Premier Subscribers have the option to include pre-screening questions with a job posting. When a job seeker applies for a job, we automatically email their resume with a score in the subject line to let hiring managers and recruiters know how the candidate did on the screening questions.

Wondering what pre-screening questions to ask candidates? Here are six suggestions.

Question #1 - What is your highest level of education?

We ask this question of all of our job seekers as part of their account creation process to make sure an applicant meets the education requirements for your open position. But still, asking this question can be useful for hiring managers searching for specialty positions that require a Master's or a certain type of degree.

Question #2 - Are you ABC Certified?

If your open position requires a certification, including a pre-screening question relating to that certification is a great idea. Include the special license or certification required for the job and see if the applicant does in fact have those necessary certifications.

Question #3 - Are you willing to travel?

For positions that require travel, this is an excellent pre-screening question. There's nothing worse than getting to an interview and learning that the candidate isn't willing to travel when the job requires that they're on the road 40 hours a month.

Question #4 - What's the #1 reason you want to work for us?

This one isn't as clear cut as the first three pre-screening interview questions, but the applicant's answer shines some light on their motivations. List out a few different reasons for an applicant to select - including your red flags - as an additional way to filter candidates.

Question #5 - Do you have experience with ABC?

If experience is an absolute must for your open position, then include a pre-screening question to make sure your applicants have that experience. For example, if you need a customer service representative, asking a simple pre-screening question like, "Do you have experience providing customer service in a call center environment?" is a great way to identify the right candidates.

Question #6 - Do you have strong ABC skills?

Again, a pre-screening question about skills is a useful question. For example, when hiring an Executive Assistant you might ask them what office software they're proficient in, or provide a list with Yes/No options. If you need someone with strong PowerPoint skills, for example, you'll want to see that box checked off.

Ask these types of pre-screening questions and you'll be able to more easily identify the top candidates.